This complete course includes:
  • Progressive classroom activities and tunes.
  • Lesson Plans for each activity.
  • Teaching aides including quizzes, worksheets, and sample forms.
  • All necessary student material - method books not needed!
  • Necessary tunes and beginning charts.
  • Music basics and conducting tips for those new to teaching music to a group.

This course is intended for a Music Teacher, or anyone with a musical inclination, who is brave and selfless enough to lead Beginning Band.

There are Appendices that contains information about musical basics like conducting and clefs which are meant to be a resource for you if teaching music, or teaching music other than one-on-one, is a new experience.

Other than instruments, there is nothing to buy - for you or your students.
This free course is distributed as a .pdf.
All necessary teaching and student material can be printed as you need it.
Everything is included.
This course is FREE.
You may copy and distribute it for non-commercial, educational use.

Version 1 was released January 8, 2016

Why is this free?

These courses address some basic things that are too simple to correct, to not correct. For example, in the recorder course students are not asked to learn to play the lowest note on the recorder right away as other books insist. It is a difficult note for anyone to play, especially young people with relatively small hands and fingers, as it requires covering all four holes at the bottom of the instrument. It is also difficult to sound the note until students gain a concept of fast air & slow air. Why set students up for frustration by keeping all the little tunes in the key of C and asking them to play this difficult note?

Likewise, in the beginning band course, students are given the opportunity to get used to holding, cleaning and playing their instrument as well as following the conductor and being part of a group before notation enters the picture. This is just too logical to keep doing it the way we've always done it.

I am giving these courses away because a few extra dollars mean less to me than does believing that some kids are being spared the unnecessary pains of being taught removed from a logical sequence because it is easier for publishers.

I hope you enjoy the courses. I would love to know how the courses worked for your students!

Beginning Band - A Guide to Success
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