This complete course includes:
  • Progressive classroom activities and tunes.
  • Lesson Plans for each activity.
  • Teaching aides including quizzes, worksheets, and sample forms.
  • All necessary student material - method books not needed!
  • Necessary tunes and beginning charts.
  • Music basics and conducting tips for those new to teaching music to a group.

This course is intended for a Music Teacher, or anyone with a musical inclination, who is brave and selfless enough to lead Beginning Band.

There are Appendices that contains information about musical basics like conducting and clefs which are meant to be a resource for you if teaching music, or teaching music other than one-on-one, is a new experience.

Other than instruments, there is nothing to buy - for you or your students.
This free course is distributed as a .pdf.
All necessary teaching and student material can be printed as you need it.
Everything is included.
This course is FREE.
You may copy and distribute it for non-commercial, educational use.

Version 1a was released October 3, 2023

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