Strategies for Teaching Music at Home

This is a collection of like-minded techniques, methods and approaches to help you enrich the lives and curriculum of your at-home student(s) by including the arts and humanities in their studies and projects.

These tutorials are not meant to be experienced in any sequence or relation to one another. They are meant to be stand-alone units that you can use however they may best enhance and augment your ongoing activities.

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Let's Make Music - Classroom Recorder

This course is intended for you. It is written so that Music Teachers and Classroom Teachers and Parent Teachers and Student Teachers can all gain from its use.

There is an Appendix that contains information about musical basics like conducting and clefs, which are meant to be a resource for you if teaching music is a new experience.

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How to Run a Show

"The successful Director is the one that is not needed on the night of the show."

Congratulations on deciding to Direct a show. It is a big responsibility and a lot of work but it can be a most rewarding experience.

Your biggest job and the hardest part of your job happens now, long before rehearsals start. Preparation is everything. Everything. Talent, casting, script and luck all play a part in producing an entertaining show, but they all pale to planning. So let's dig in!

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Name That Chord

  • Which note changes a major chord into a minor chord?
  • What is a triad?
  • Why are some intervals major and some perfect?
  • Is a minor, major seven chord a real thing?
These questions and many more are answered within, giving both students and players a tool to better comprehend chord structure and a (one or two player) game to practice and reinforce knowledge.


So You Think You Can't Read Music

This brief course is intended to help get you from:
"I can't read music"
"I am getting more comfortable with using sheet music"
minus the theory!


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